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       The Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle

electric razor scooter NEW PROJECT !

44 lbs No solar
396 Wh Battery (24v)
13 km Range
15 min 80% charge (AC)
28 Wh Battery (12v booster)
10,000 Charges (lifetime)
10.8V Capacitor (booster)
50 lbs w/Solar Array
50 Watts of solar power
12V Kinetic generator

  Thekpv gained momentum in the summer of two thousand-eight by a fellow named Terry Hope. He worked as an engineer aboard the Copper Sky. An 88ft steel haul staysail schooner. The captain would not allow him to bring a full size stand on electric scooter.. If he wanted to bring any electric vehicle aboard the vessel his vehicle had only one option.. fit inside a suitcase. Following about a thousand hours of electric vehicle research & development his personal electric scooter / bike concept materialized with three goals:

1)   Incorporate photovoltaics into a prototype electro-solar bike / scooter hybrid mobile power source.

2)   Construct the smallest electric vehicle thats still practical and can be stowed away inside a suitcase for easy transport.

3)   Engineer electrical and mechanical systems to harvest and store electricity evolving into a net zero energy mode of transportation.             . . . more

   Terry's prototype electric vehicle will feature two options for recharging the +90% efficient prismatic LiFePO4 main battery pack.   One option will be connecting to mains electricity via the onboard AC-DC power supply or an emissions free method by selecting the vehicle integrated solar array.

* The integrated electric vehicle solar array consists of 14x 6"x6" mono crystalline solar cells wired in a series and function as fairings or aerodynamic wind cutters which improve the vehicle's drag coefficient value.

Open circuit voltage: 0.610v -0.621v
Short circuit current: 8.18 amp - 8.78 amp
Rated power : ~4 Wp

Operating voltage: 0.488 v - 0.50 v
Operating current: 7.51 amp - 8.14 amp
Weight: Just above 6 grams, or 0.2 oz.

    The operator controls solar array output via a group of dpdt rocker switches.  Directing the output to charge any two batteries/capacitors from either the main 24 volt battery pack, 12 volt battery booster pack or 10.8 volt capacitor bank.  The two extra electrical energy storage packs, have been added for extended range functionality.

    Harvesting kinetic energy by an extra sprocket mounted on the opposite side of the rear wheel to the electric motor, using five gears engineered to rotate a set of very small 3-phase alternators designed with multi-pole configuration to cut cogging torque. Each of these alternators convert alternating current to direct current with 74% efficiency. The electricity is stored in a bank of ultracapacitors, this power is quickly released via the propulsion booster switch. The regen device's structure is hand-built from polycarbonate.    . . . more details

EV Features

Micro-hybrid  |  No pedals  |  A123 battery  |  DC Electric Motor  |  Zero Emissions  |  Light & Compact  |  Power from Kinetic Energy  |  Steel Frame  |  Polycarbonate  |  Titanium Hardware  |  Voltage & Current Monitoring  |  Rear Shock Suspension

Future Electric Vehicle Technology

HID Xenon kit  |  Solar Charging  |  ALPTLCD  |  Front Suspension  |  GPS Tracking  |  WiFi Hotspot  |  Bluetooth  |  Wireless  |  Gyro Stabilizer  |  12" Wheels  |  Robotics  |  < 90kg Capacity  |  Alarm System  |  EVO 4G  |  Induction  |  Infrared Technology  |  Power Inverter  |  Wind Turbine  |  Neurophone®

EV Acronyms

ALPTLCD (Ambient Light-Powered Transparent LCD), EREV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle), ZEV (Zero Emmission Vehicle), AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicle), HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), SOH (State-of-Health), SOC (State-of-Charge), DOD (Depth-of-Discharge), ZEB (Zero Energy Building), E-BIKE (Electric Bike)

  March 30, 2020 Tel: 08446882647 Contributors Solarcross ebikes ev

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