March 20, 2011
   Last day of summer in 2010 I completed THEKPV version 1.0 trial, I was able to build and test the various electrical systems I had set out to demonstrate.

This year version 2.0 will shock people !

   Utilizing the latest technology a human being is no longer required to have access to a clean drinking water resource, and carry around multiple devices for communications, navigation, and entertainment. THEKPV has morphed into a sort of life support vehicle.

Here is a one week scenario, a person rides into the back country with a backpack full of food, a lightweight blanket and tent. All of their needs such as communications, safe sterile drinking water, lighting, visual/sound entertainment is all onboard THEKPV. Solar panels and batteries provide all of the electricity needed. Now in the event that the batteries become depleted and the solar panels are useless because of overcast conditions, the vehicle can also generate power by attaching a hand crank to turn the rear wheel generator to provide backup electricity power.

More about Version 2.0

THEKPV is being retrofitted with upgrades that will allow it to be lighter, faster, safer, and increased solar output. I have received additional contributions this year that have made this possible from:
Dupont, Saint-Gobain, Strouse Corporation.