Solar-Cross (e bike)

Welcome, I’am Terry Hope a self-taught solar electric vehicle builder, after committing 3 years of my life building my first solar electric vehicle (THEKPV), I had learned enough to begin another solar EV project which I named SolarCross.

This solar EV is built upon an 1998 Specialized FSR mountain bike which cost me $200 with an additional $500 to convert to solar electric.

Efficiency and portability are key features to my ebike design, like the custom freewheel crank that consists of one sprocket and two chainrings. On the outside is a 80T – 0.25″ chain sprocket which the electric motor drives, inside this sprocket is a 42T mtb chainring and behind this is 22T chainring. The 22T chainring can reach a speed of 22km/h while the 42T chainring can achieve 40km/h and +50km/h is possible with the rider pedaling along with the motor.
SolarCross EV Prototype
SolarCross Protoype Solar-Cross Prototype

Electric bike
Ebike MTB

Specialized FSR E-bike 2012
Ebike weather-proof E-bike Critical Mass Vancouver

diy e-bike shot with GoPro Hero 2

Solar Cross PV
Lightweight design is important to an agile solarbike, the custom solar panel fairing and windscreen which I hand built using aluminum angle, aluminum rivets, and 1/8″ polycarbonate is one-of-a-kind. Photovoltaics consist of 18x 6″x6″ mono crystalline solar cells @ 3.8-4watts output each and controlled to recharge two cells at a time from the battery.

E-bike solar panel left:
– front wheel fairing
– 6.6 volts @ 7.1 amps

– PV windscreen
– 3.3 volts @ 7.1 amps
– <2 lbs weight

– motor with broken shaft
– 5t sprocket w/custom coupling
Good News: Just 6 solar cells from the solar windscreen provide enough solar power output to power my ride without pedaling up to 3km/h!
The test ride was conducted at a right angle to the afternoon sun – Only 3 volts solar power !
I even switched between 3 gears… WOW interesting !!

Bad news: subsequent 5t-80t drivetrain testing twisted the motor shaft into two pieces.
(spinning the rear wheel in gravel while sitting on the ebike)

I would like to say thanks – this project could not have been made possible without:
Saint-Gobain DuPont GoPro ChainReactionCycles.com

SolarCross E-bike by Terry Hope – 05.15.2011
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